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The Heart of Reason

An online “Existential log”containing writings on “the good and the authentic life” by William Pennell Rock

Articles On This ORIGINS website

“Whatever Happened to the Muse”
The attempt on the part of ORIGINS to rediscover the divine sources of performing art
Muse Essay

“Opera on the Wing”
Maud Key Shelton Rock
The experience of the ORIGINS training and the creation of The Light Opera, including numerous reviews of the opera.
Opera Essay

Online Articles by William Pennell Rock

Being Love
The Four Stages of Love Leading to Divine Realization

Jealousy and the Abyss
What is jealousy and how to deal with it

Tantra Has Many Forms
The nature of Tantra and its various forms

Taking Care of the Vehicle
Yoga and the Care of the Body: A Conversation