2017 San Francisco Bay Events

Marin County

Sunrise Center

Corte Madera, Marin County


Two Introductory evenings will present the basic theory and methods of the ORIGINS  Workshops

Introduction to ORIGINS I:  Performing Inside Out

An evening of the “let go” exercises demonstrating the basic method of archetypal psychodrama.

May 12 
7 – 10 pm

ORIGINS deals not just with the good and desirable, but the whole. The first step is to meet and experience your dynamic wholeness in a process called CHAOS.  In exercises carefully crafted and with safe parameters, you learn how to let yourself go free into instinctual spontaneity and cathartic expression without judgment or inhibition. You learn how to “take your space” with confidence. This produces a sense of power and freedom of being.  This, on its own, is great for spontaneity and breaking through inhibitions in any situation.  It also teaches the basic performing technique of ORIGINS, performing inside out.  You will come away feeling amazingly energized and free, reflecting the basic purpose of the ORIGINS  Work.

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Introduction to ORIGINS II:  The Nature of Transformation

A Presentation of the two Universal story forms used in Archetypal psychodrama:  The Hero’s Journey and The Romance Archetype.

May 19

Wherever we may be in our personal development, we are somewhere that all humans have in common. The process of transformation is found in the two fundamental and universal story forms: the Hero’s Journey, the formula of all adventure stories and the Romance Archetype, the formula of all stories of lovers separated and reunited. In this introduction we will present the two story forms and discuss the way they display the process of transformation along the path of self-fulfillment.

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The Dark and the Light: The Drama of Your Life

One Evening and Day-long workshop that shows experientially the basic clarification that takes place in the ORIGINS Work

June 2 and 3
Fri 7-10, Saturday 10 – 6

We stand forever between the force of Light drawing us towards a higher evolution and the Dark, drawing us towards disintegration and death.  These are the Dark and Light sides of the Force portrayed in Star Wars. But they are not a fiction: they are present moment to moment and we are always choosing between them. Most of us survive in a reality created largely by the Dark Side, a shadow infused masquerade that pervades our existence and makes a strange grappling of our lives and communications. Yet the Light always beckons and is there to show the way. The fundamental work of life is to become radically aware of this internal drama — to learn to identify the Dark and to use our most fundamental powers to choose the Light — in order to live optimally.
In this one evening, one-day workshop, we will discover these forces within and how to choose between them.
This is a basic preparation for the two main ORIGINS Workshops

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NOTE You must register separately for the Intro evening, which is also the first evening of the workshop and the three day workshop itself.

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