workshopsThe ORIGINS Process is based on the two fundamental plot forms or archetypal systems of transformation: The Hero’s Journey and the Romance Archetype.  Below are described the two Workshops based on these two forms.  In each of them, you are creating and embodying the central process of transformation you are presently undergoing in your life. You are emboldened by your self-presentation, warmed by the fact that everyone is on a similar journey, and given vital new awareness about who you are and where you are going.

Each workshop includes portions of CHAOS and DREAM, as described in the ORIGINS Training page, and stands on its own as a form of therapy, individual empowerment and performance training. The preparation for any ORIGINS Production always begins with one of these workshops, whose fundamental plot form becomes the structure upon which the group production is created, following the format of MYTH and RITUAL.


droppedImage_1-271x300Empowering your heroic self and becoming whole.

This Workshop is based on the archetypal monomyth of the Hero’s Journey, as discovered by Joseph Campbell and set forth in his famous book, The Hero with 1000 Faces.

In Part I, you discover and present to the group each of three basic archetypal sub-personalities who make up your whole life.  First, your inner Hero, the protagonist of your life, who is responsible for making all choices. Second, your Magic Helper, the character of the Nurturer representing your inner guide, who gives you a Magic Implement, the power of some critical but hidden resource within you. Third, the Saboteur, or “Monster,” your inner inhibitor, who is bent on sabotaging your life. You then create a psychodrama, playing all three characters, in which you present the story of this Hero leaving Home (your status quo) in response to a Call to Adventure, meeting the Magic Helper who gives him a Magical Power, and proceeding on to confront the Monster who guards the Gate into the Land of Adventure. The Hero has to find a way to overcome the sabotage of the Monster in order to pass through the Gate.

Through this psychodrama and the feedback from the group, you see how you resist any change in your life and stop yourself from advancing forward.  You also clarify the real internal challenges inhibiting your life and the special strengths and resources you have to overcome these obstacles.

In Part II, you summarize and analyze how this story symbolizes the basic drama of your life, and you continue the Journey into the Land of Adventure. Emboldened by your mastery over the Saboteur, your heroic self continues on into a land full of trials and helpers, proceeding on until confronted with your greatest fear. Your Hero must undergo this Supreme Ordeal, which results in an Initiation of central significance in your life. With the boon from this Initiation, your Hero flees the Land of Adventure and returns Home, which he is now empowered to transform.

Through this psychodrama and the feedback from the group, you come to understand how to confront the internal obstructions blocking your life and how to negotiate and fulfill your present cycle of development.


droppedImage_2-290x300Breaking through self-destructive patterning and empowering the male and female principles within you.

This Workshop approaches inner union through methods of gestalt psychodrama based on the Romance Archetype. A unique and deep approach to integration dealing with the man and woman who are lovers within each of us, their relationship, repression, separation and the dynamic process which reunites them.

In Part I, you discover and present to the group the four archetypal sub-personalities that make up our whole being.  The Hero – your masculine, active capacity, together with the Heroine – your feminine, receptive capacity,  are responsible for your choices leading to your well being and fulfillment. The third character, the Nurturer, is there to empower the lovers and bring them together. But the fourth, the Inner Saboteur, or “Monster,” conceals itself, but is bent upon the disempowerment and separation of your inner Lovers in order to establish its own control, leading to deadness and your ultimate destruction.  The Saboteur thrives on the strength of your lovers, turning their power against you.

In Part II, placing your characters into the five archetypal Acts of the Romance Archetype, you create a psychodrama in which your internal lovers get disempowered and separated by the Saboteur. The harder you struggle against it, the more power the Saboteur has over you. The only way you can really deal with this Saboteur is to discover within yourself the catalytic power, given by the Nurturer, that can neutralize its dark spell.  With the assistance of the Nurturer, you learn how to wield the Magic Power, so that your inner Lovers can unite to neutralize the Saboteur within, thus transforming its negative spell over you into your own greater empowerment.

Through the Inner Romance psychodrama and the feedback from the group, you learn how to balance your masculine and feminine powers in order to neutralize the Saboteur of your life and enter a state of well-being.